Landscape & Hardscape Design Center

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The Fields' designers have an eye for creating the perfect balance of design to add value and aesthetic appeal to your property. Since we're an established, vertically integrated landscape design firm with our own nursery and garden center, we can give you the finest plants at the lowest possible prices. We offer landscaping and hardscaping design, installation and planting. 

  • Retaining walls

  • Low-voltage lighting

  • Drainage and downspout extensions

  • Patios, walks, steps, driveways and fencing
  • Arbors, pergolas, outdoor fountains
  • Outdoor kitchens and grills
  • Garden furniture
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Foundation plantings
  • Plant screening

  • Shade trees

  • Landscape removal and rejuvenation

  • Grading and excavation 

  • Vegetable gardens and flower gardens

  • Sodding, seeding, mulching, bed edging

  • Decorative stones



Design and Installation 

You decide how much design help you need for your project. We offer free estimates for simple projects. You can also call us to schedule an appointment and discuss receiving a beautiful sketch of your personalized design plan. If you'd like a complete design, contact us to have designer meet with you at your house. The designer will take all the relevant measurements and photos, and develop a to-scale design using 3D computer imaging. You can then do the plantings yourself, or schedule an installation.