Memorial Tree Program

Remember your loved one in a unique and lasting way. Plant a tree in their memory

For generations families have remembered their loved ones with trees. Trees inspire us. They are living reminders of the beauty and rebirth of life. Watch them grow through the seasons and over the years. They return each season to remind us of the ones we’ve lost and to keep their memory alive.

The Fields On Caton Farm works with park districts, community parks, home owner associations, cemeteries and other groups who have public, open space and want trees planted at their property. Your tree can be planted in one of these public locations for all to enjoy or planted at any private location of your choosing including a residence.

How it Works: Select your tree(s) from the variety of options below, then fill out the form, or contact the Garden Center at (815) 744-7841 to make your purchase. We will then schedule planting based on your preference, the season and weather conditions. During the planting season, your tree will usually be planted within a few weeks of purchase. In winter and late fall, your tree will be reserved and planting will be scheduled for spring. If you choose to have your tree planted at one of the public locations, the property manager will select the planting location and you will be given a map with your tree’s location marked. If you want to place a small plaque on your tree, you are welcome to do so. We contact JULIE to mark the utilities. When planted, our trees are landscape sized- averaging 10’– 12’ tall for most shade trees and 6’-7’ tall for most ornamental trees.

Pricing: $525 - any public space or private location, any tree variety (no delivery charge within 20 miles of Crest Hill; $50.00 additional delivery charge if over 20 miles up to 30 miles; delivery charge quoted if beyond 30 miles.)

Tree Varieties Available:

Shade Trees:

Elm ‘Accolade’ - A Morton Arboretum selection. Vase-shaped with small green leaves that turn yellow in the fall. Very hardy and fast growing. 35 feet tall.

Gingko - Seedless male. A slow-growing majestic tree with fan-shaped leaves which turn yellow in the fall. The ultimate legacy tree. 75 feet tall.

Hackberry - A fast-growing tree with corky-bark. Very tolerant of difficult conditions. 45 feet tall.

Kentucky Coffee Tree ‘Espresso’ - A rustic, oval-shaped tree with deeply furrowed bark. Beautiful, almost tropical look because of the fern-like leaves. Yellow fall color. Seedless. 50 feet tall.

Linden ‘American Sentry’ - Large, heart-shaped leaves. Narrow and upright. Yellow in the fall. 35 feet tall.

Maple ‘Autumn Blaze’ - Fast Growing with green leaves that turn stunning red in fall. 40 feet tall.

Maple ‘Red Pointe’ - A fast growing red maple. Narrow and upright with green leaves and red fall color. 35 feet tall.

Maple ‘Green Mountain’ - Large sugar maple leaves in the summer which turn brilliant orange in the fall. 40 feet tall.

Maple ‘Crimson Sunset’ - Large Purple/Maroon leaves in the summer. 35 feet tall.

Maple ‘Norwegian Sunset’ - Upright/oval shaped tree with dark green leaves in summer which turn orange in fall. 40 feet tall.

Swamp White Oak - A rustic tree with attractive peeling bark. Green leaves which turn yellow-orange in fall. 50 feet tall.

Ornamental trees:

Crabapple ‘Royal Raindrops’ - Green leave change to maroon over the summer. Disease resistant. Profuse pink flowers in spring. 20 feet tall.

Crabapple ‘Red Jewel’ - Narrow, pyramidal-shaped tree. Disease resistant. Pink buds open to white flowers. Red fruit. 20 feet tall.

Eastern Redbud - A vase-shaped, rustic tree with scaly bark. Pink flowers cover the branches in early spring. 25 feet tall.

Japanese Tree Lilac ‘Ivory Silk’ - A Morton Arboretum selection. Upright tree with green leaves and white lilac flowers in summer. 25 feet tall.

Magnolia - Pink (or) white flowers early in the season followed by green, banana-shaped leaves. 20 feet tall.

Serviceberry - Small white flowers cover the tree in spring, followed by small red apples in summer and orange fall color. Something for all seasons. 25 feet tall.

Please note: if your selected variety is temporarily unavailable, we will select the best substitution for you.


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